Death By Design

There’s a burden on my shoulders, a thorn prick in my side. In the eye of the beholder the pain is satisfied. Words can’t explain this anxiety. I’m tired of losing people to a drug out on the streets. There’s a heart that just stops beating, another life an overdose. When all Hell is overheating, […]

Doctors Told to Drastically Reduce Opiod Perscription for Pain

The Powerful Highly-Addictive Drug The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is advising doctors to cut back on the dose and length of opioid prescriptions for pain when possible. The agency released 12 recommendations for doctors and other health care prescribers in March. Prescription opioids are powerful, highly-addictive drugs such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, and morphine. […] […]

7 Most Realistic Movies On Addiction — 800 Recovery Hub Blog

Drug addiction and alcoholism is a major part of American culture. As the gatekeepers of our culture Hollywood has taken notice and over the years created numerous movies centered on the topics of addiction and alcoholism. Some have played exclusively on addiction stereotypes, barely scratching the surface of this complex issue, while others have dived […] […]