Death By Design

There’s a burden on my shoulders, a thorn prick in my side.
In the eye of the beholder the pain is satisfied.
Words can’t explain this anxiety.
I’m tired of losing people to a drug out on the streets.

There’s a heart that just stops beating, another life an overdose.
When all Hell is overheating, you shouldn’t stand too close.
A soul flying somewhere, to face eternity.
I’m tired of losing good friends, to a drug out on the streets.

There’s a cancer that needs feedin’, an addiction that wont go.
There’s a mother who is pleading with a child that she loves so.
Sadness in her eyes, she cries herself to sleep.
She doesn’t want to lose you.
To a drug out of the streets.

There’s a God you can believe in, He can take away your pain.
Like a slave longing for freedom, let His drug fill your veins.
This world is His pasture, know we are His sheep.
He doesn’t want to lose a soul, to a drug out on the streets. (C) dee smith 2017