Difficulties Of Staying Sober

We have probably heard that staying sober in addiction recovery is difficult. And while it does definitely has its challenges, knowing what to expect and understanding how to overcome these difficulties before they happen can be the difference between success and failure. Things that Make it Tough to Stay Sober 1. Unrealistic expectations Upon leaving […]


I’ve been making the stupid mistake of trying to learn as much about this process of recovery I’m about to enter – and what to expect – by googling the shit out of it. Bad. Idea. Don’t EVER GOOGLE health related anything. I’m absolutely terrified of the detox and alcohol withdrawal. This morning I came […] […]

Methadone Withdrawal

https://www.blvdcenters.org/methadone-rehab-treatment-centers – Methadone Withdrawal: Methadone treatment/detox centers/clinic for opiod drug addictionCommonly used to help treat opioid addictions, withdrawal from methadone, on average, lasts anywhere from three to six weeks, but it has been known to last longer depending on the severity of the addiction. Early on, the most common symptoms of methadone withdrawal are severe […] […]

The Profits Of Heroin Addiction

In 2012, more than 41,000 Americans died from a drug overdose – including 16,000 from an opioid analgesic (300-percent increase since 1999). Meanwhile, sales on painkillers alone have topped $1.3 billion in 2013 – preventing any desire for the legal drug cartels to pull back the reins on this gravy train that is destroying a generation. […]

Doctors Told to Drastically Reduce Opiod Perscription for Pain

The Powerful Highly-Addictive Drug The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is advising doctors to cut back on the dose and length of opioid prescriptions for pain when possible. The agency released 12 recommendations for doctors and other health care prescribers in March. Prescription opioids are powerful, highly-addictive drugs such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, and morphine. […] […]